Deep fryer 6 litres

Deep fryer 6l


Stainless steel

One year warranty

UGX 245,000 UGX 350,000


Buy Deep fryer 6 litres.

This stainless steel Deep fryer 6 litres with a single pan is suitable for frying and deep-frying fries and other snacks. The removable 10-liter bowl holds 6 liters of oil for up to 1,2kg of fries. The electric deep fryer has a removable lid and four rubber feet, making it very stable. With the adjustable thermostat, you can set the right temperature for creating crispy chips and snacks. The temperature is adjustable from 0°C to 200°C.

Change oil less often

This deep fryer also has a cold zone. The advantage of this is that the oil stays fresher for longer. This not only makes deep-frying healthier, you also need to change the oil less frequently. In a deep fryer with a cold zone, the protected heating element is suspended in the oil about 2cm above the bottom so the oil underneath the heating element remains much colder. As a result, crumbs that sink to the bottom burn less quickly and the deep-frying fat remains better for longer. Safety while frying is essential in the catering kitchen. So always use the lid when frying and place the deep fryer on a stable and firm surface at table height. In addition, this deep fryer is equipped with overload protection.

Easy to clean

Regular cleaning of a deep fryer is important for keeping the oil fresh and for hygiene purposes. This deep fryer is made from stainless steel and has a smooth finish to make cleaning easier. The exterior of the appliance can be cleaned with a damp cloth. All parts inside the deep fryer can be removed to facilitate better cleaning. Clean the parts with a brush, warm water and mild soap.

  • Single-tank commercial fryer
  • Very nice finishing
  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • Min. oil capacity: 1 x 5L
  • Max. oil capacity: 1 x 6,5L
  • Capacity fries: 1,2k

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